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Different Water Storage Tank Sizes & Capacities
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  • July 22, 2019

Different Water Storage Tank Sizes & Capacities

Besides domestic consumption, large volumes of water are needed for different industrial and agricultural purposes such as processing and washing, diluting, cooling, transportation of products, reclamation of land, irrigation, livestock rearing, and others. High-quality water and industrial storage tanks are thus indispensable.

With so many options available in the market, it is important to buy only those tanks that are sturdy and reliable.

It’s only wise to invest in large storage tanks that are built to last and have the capacity to hold large volumes of water. Here is an overview of different kinds of water storage tanks, their sizes and capacities.

Steel water tank sizes and capacity

High volume steel tanks are a popular choice for industrial and agricultural water storage. They are known for their strength, longevity, cost-effectiveness and huge capacities.

These tanks are manufactured from different kinds of steel and coating materials. The most popularly and widely used are those whose size exceed 100,000 liters and have a diameter of 39’6” and a wall height of 10’7”.

The best thing about the sizes of steel tanks is that you can customize it perfectly according to your requirements.

You’ll be surprised to know that newer models can be constructed to hold up to 400,000 gallons that are ideal for both industrial and agricultural sectors where the need for water is huge.

Such fire-fighting steel water storage tanks are also perfect for high-risk areas where the water stored in them can be used for extinguishing the sudden eruption of fire.

Fiberglass water storage tanks sizes and capacity

Fiberglass Water Tanks

Fiberglass tanks are durable units that are engineered to perfection for fulfilling the water storage needs of industrial and agricultural users. Although available in different sizes, you can get it customized as per the specification or dimension you want.

The capacity of the fiberglass storage tanks can range anywhere from 525 to a colossal 1700 gallons. Some of the dimensions offered by the different suppliers in the market are:

• 5′ D X 4’8″
• 4′ D X 6′
• 4′ D X 10′
• 5′ D X 6′
• 5′ D X 10′
• 6′ D X 10′
• 7′ D X 10
• 8′ D X 10′
• 9′ D X 10′

Polyethylene water storage tanks sizes and capacity

Polyethylene cold water storage tanks are good options to consider as they can hold bulk quantities of water going to up to 50,000 gallons.

Their popularity comes from their durability, lightweight features and easy installation (they can be installed on a bed of sand or a pavement).

Manufactured by glass-reinforced plastic technology, polyethylene tanks come in many shapes as well.

Here are some popular specifications of polyethylene tanks:

• 532 x 380 x 385mm
• 761 x 583 x 588mm
• 888 x 786 x 664mm
• 1294 x 685 x 690mm
• 1243 x 964 x 969mm

The two-part polyethylene tanks are reservoirs that provide the best water storage solutions to farms and businesses. Access to these tanks is restricted to a standard doorway and they can be quickly and easily assembled.

The two-part polyethylene water storage tanks are available in various sizes and it could range from 910 liters to 5690 liters depending on the model. The external dimension of some of the units is as follows:

• 1370 x 1090 x 940
• 1200 x 1200 x 1080
• 1720 x 1110 x 863
• 2030 x 1110 x 863
• 1420 x 1420 x 1270

The polyethylene sectional water tanks are containers that are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic panels.

They can hold a volume of water that ranges from 10,000 to 1, 300,000 liters and you can choose both insulated and non-insulated units as per your requirements.

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