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Fiberglass Tanks

GSC Tanks provides filament wound, fiber reinforced FRP tanks in vertical, cone bottom and horizontal singe wall and double wall tank configurations.   Like polyethylene PE tanks, fiberglass tanks provide chemical resistant and nearly maintenance free environments for a wide range of chemical storage and corrosive applications.   Contact a GSC Tanks factory trained expert to determine the best vinyl ester or polyester resin storage tank for your application.

Our fiberglass tanks are manufactured to ASTM D-3299 and ASTM D-4097 Specifications with elements of ASME RTP-1 and AWWA D-120 available.  The filament wound, reinforced thermoset plastic structure of the FRP tank follows ASTM 3299.   Tank flange fittings and accessories are installed using thermosetting resins per ASTM 4097.

Fiberglass tanks can be supplied in diameters from 5’ through 14’ and heights or lengths up to 35’ in vertical or horizontal tank configurations.   FRP tanks may be filament wound or hand lay depending on size or a combination of both methods.   Flat bottom vertical FRP tanks are most common but sloped or cone bottoms may be provided to facilitate compete drainage.   Fiberglass tanks may be designed for mixer support and internal gusseting may be provided.  Horizontal tanks include integral leg/saddle supports as required.

Fiberglass underground tanks are available in single wall in double wall designs.  Above ground FRP tanks may also be supplied in double wall design.  With leak detection capability, our double wall tanks provided the long-term security of a safe, chemical or liquid storage environment for our customers.

Selecting the correct design for your RTP tank begins with the liner.  This resin rich surface is the most important consideration for proper chemical resistance.   We supply tanks utilizing resins from leading manufacturers such as Ashland, Reichhold and Dow.  Our stock vinyl ester resin is Hetron 922 and is typically suitable for most common chemical storage applications.  Specialty resins such as Hetron FR 992 provide superior corrosion barriers for storage of chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite.  In some instances, specialty cure systems such as DMA/BPO as well as heated post cures insure the finished tank will be ready for a lifetime of uninterrupted service.

Our FRP fiberglass tanks may be fitted with a variety of nozzles and sizes to meet any installation requirement.  With accessories included mixer mount supports, heat maintenance systems, insulation, ladders, handrails and platforms, level instruments and gauges, your tank will be easily installed and ready for operation.

GSC tanks is your source for the most reliable, safe fiber reinforced fiberglass FRP tanks on the market.  Give us a call to discuss your design and we’ll go to work.  Have a Specification already prepared?  We can provide a quote that will meet your requirements and ensure your design is correctly transferred to the finished product.   GSC tanks is your source for fiberglass storage tanks.

GSC Tanks supplies corrosion resistant, fiberglass storage tanks for a wide range chemical and liquid storage requirements. Each tank is designed and fabricated per ASTM D-3299 and ASTM D-4097 and to our customer specific requirements and Specifications. We use resins from leading manufacturers such as Hetron and glass from sources such as Owens Corning (no “off Spec” materials). Tanks will be fitted and accessorized to be ready for installation upon delivery. We have supplied fiberglass tanks for over 30 years for chemical and liquid storage requirements including:

Acetic Acid Hydrochloric Acid
Aluminum Chlorohydrate Hydrofluoric Acid
Aluminum Sulfate Hydrofluosilicic Acid
Bio Waste Leachate
Calcium Carbonate Lime Slurry
Calcium Chloride Magnesium Hydroxide
Chemical Waste Treatment Nitric Acid
Citric Acid Phosphorus Acid
Corrosion Inhibitors Polymers
Defoamer Polyphosphate
Demineralized Water Potable Water
Detergents Reverse Osmosis Water
Fatty Acid (Soaps) Sodium Bisulfite
Ferric Chloride Sodium Hydroxide
Ferric Sulfate Sodium Hypochlorite
Ferrous Sulfate Sulfuric Acid
Fluosilicic Acid Zinc Orthophosphate
… and Many More!

Contact a GSC Tanks representative with your storage application, including concentration and temperature, and we will design a safe tank to meet your requirements. Already have a design Specification? We regularly quote tanks to meet engineer’s and owner’s Specifications and design requirements. Give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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