Top 10 Things To Consider In A Storage Tank
Top 10 Things To Consider In A Storage Tank
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  • July 18, 2022

Top 10 Things To Consider In A Storage Tank

If you are in search of field erected tanksdon’t be fooled to think all storage tanks are the same to serve your industrial purposes. Whether you’ve plans to store wastewater, potable water, chemicals, or anything else, it’s vital to understand each material is unique and comes with its own particular specifications. From steel and alloy tanks to polyethylene tanksa variety of storage tanks are available in the market to use for specific requirements.

Ahead of planning to shop for industrial storage tanks, you are advised to consider certain points as important ensuring you can get the right value and storage as per your requirements. The following 10 factors are crucial to consider while purchasing a storage tank –

  1. Materials of Construction

The volume of chemicals to be stored in fiberglass tanks helps to determine the construction of materials for the tank. A field welded steel and concrete tanks are mostly required to keep large volumes and shop welded steel tanks are useful to store a wide range of materials and volumes. 

  • Consider The Environment

The environment should be taken into consideration when designing a storage tank. These factors include wind loads, roof loads, and seismic conditions.

  • Size & Placement of Field Erected Tanks

Depending on your placement options to put a storage container, you need to choose the right size of tanks. Both the large and small size tanks have the capacity to hold a range of materials and volumes. 

  • Corrosion Resistant Coating

The principal enemy of storage tanks is corrosion, and its only protection is its coating. In order to ensure the right coat and cure, you are recommended to pick an advanced coating technology as per your requirements. 

  • Think About Shifting 

Several types of tanks are possible to shift, although concrete tanks are permanent and can’t be shifted after installation. 

  • Consider Expansion of Tanks

If your industry requires expansion, you need to choose a storage tank accordingly to make expansion as and when required to store more volume. 

  • The Safety Aspects

It’s vital to choose a certified coating as you’ve plans to store materials in your selected field erected tanks. Inappropriate usage of storage tanks could lead to severe corrosion, and you need to consider safety as the most important point while selecting a storage tank. 

  • Pick Your Features

The basic features available in storage tanks are overflow vents, inlet, side and roof access manways, perimeter guardrails, and ladders. Inquire with a reliable tank manufacturer about any special requirements you might need in your sector.

  • Compare The Cost of Its Lifespan

Before choosing industrial storage tanks to store material, you are suggested to compare the total lifespan cost of a tank to make a smart choice. 

  1. Select A Reliable Vendor

Asking lots of questions is a common practice to ensure your vendor is a reliable one. To keep the safety points into consideration, make sure to select an experienced storage tank manufacturer and get the right product as per your industrial requirements. 

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