Industrial Storage Tanks Facts: Interesting Things to Know About Vessels
Industrial Storage Tanks Facts: Interesting Things to Know About Vessels
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  • October 23, 2019

Industrial Storage Tanks Facts: Interesting Things to Know About Vessels

Over the years, we have known tanks to be reliable storage units for various industries. From holding water to chemicals, oils to gasoline, they are assets for manufacturing companies.

However, there are many interesting facts about vessels or tanks that you might not know.

1. The oil storage tank farm in Cushing, Oklahoma, USA holds the record of being the largest in the world.

A chief hub for American oil, Cushing storage facility in Oklahoma in USA is the largest tank farm in the world. It stores approximately 67 million barrels of crude with 88% utilization rate.

2. There are countless industrial storage tanks in the U.S.A

According to studies, it is estimated that in U.S the number of industrial storage tanks could rise to 15 million. Out of them up to 3 million of the vessels or containers come under regulations of US federal state because of their size or advanced features.

It means they are inspected periodically for maintaining record. The rest are small and do not come under the regulation of US federal state.

3. Fixed roof tanks are the most common type of storage tanks

In oil and gas industry, fixed roof tanks are the most common type of bulk storage containers. They are integrated with wrap around staircase and a cone-shaped roof that is permanently attached to a cylindrical shell.

Latest units are equipped with advanced features and perfectly welded. Their dimensions vary upto 30 meters tall by 100 meters wide. The vessels can store oil, water, bitumen and other things.

4. Underground tanks were originally invented in 1920

Due to the fact that above ground storage tanks were vulnerable to burglaries, accidents, and tampering, underground tanks were invented in the year of 1920.

Wholesalers, organizations, retailers, and government bodies, came up with ways to place storage vessels under the ground for more safety and protection.

5. Quantum manufactures world’s lightest weight hydrogen storage tank for complex aircraft and space applications

Quantum a leading company situated in Lake Forest, California takes the honor of manufacturing the world’s lightest hydrogen storage vessel. It also has improved holding capacity which helps holding of more hydrogen gas.

6. Above-ground storage tanks are cheaper to construct than underground storage tanks

Above-ground storage tanks are less expensive and less time consuming to build than underground vessels. It is due to the fact that it does not need excavation or digging of surface or re-landscaping. Infact small-sized above-ground tanks are easy to move particularly when there is a need to do so.

7. Fiberglass tanks offers resilience to corrosion

Fiberglass tanks are anti-corrosive properties hence they are ideal for industrial application. They are the best units to store combustible chemicals and acids safely without leakage or spilling.

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