Key Types and Features of Industrial Storage Tanks
Key Types and Features of Industrial Storage Tanks
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  • September 21, 2018

Key Types and Features of Industrial Storage Tanks

An industrial storage tank is a large container employed for storing gases or liquid for a short or long period of time. Storage tanks are built adhering to certain regulations.

These regulations are set up according to the type of material contained by the tanks. Storage tanks are chiefly of two types – underground and above ground. Distinct regulation sets are applied to these two tank types.

Further, industrial storage tanks can be classified into different types based on their usage, shape, and the type of material stored inside. Here are some types of industrial storage tanks:

Types of Industrial Storage Tank

  • High-Pressure Tank

High-pressure tanks are usually horizontal or cylindrical in shape and employed for storing high-pressure gases. These tanks are built such that they can withstand the extreme pressure that the gas exerts.

  • Atmospheric Tank

Atmospheric tanks are utilized to hold a liquid at the atmospheric pressure.

  • Thermal Storage Tank

The thermal storage tank is a type of season tank that is employed for insulation for over large regions.

It is covered by earth berms also. The heat collected during summer is circulated by these earth berms, which can be utilized to heat up the water.

Ice tanks are similar to thermal storage tanks and are utilized for keeping things cold for a short period of time.

They are employed in refrigerators, air conditioners, thus offering cool air and water during times when the temperature rises high.

Features of an Industrial Storage Tank

Industrial storage tanks come with different features related to the materials or fluids required to be stored inside the tank. A few features of such tanks are as follows:

  • A cylindrical tank having a fixed roof has a usual capacity of 200,000 liters.
  • The tanks are manufactured using the highest-quality products, since the liquid contained in these tanks are susceptible to spilling out or evaporation. Moreover, the tanks need to be handled properly so as to prevent any damage to them.
  • Floating roofs can also be found that fall or rise according to the liquid level inside the tank. Floating roofs are a measure of safety adopted by industries.

Shapes of Industrial Storage Tank

Industrial storage tanks come in different shapes and sizes. The shapes in which such tanks are available are listed below:

  • Cone bottom
  • Flat bottom
  • Open & closed top
  • Vertical & horizontal cylinder

Safety is Important

So, industrial storage tanks are available in several types and have various applications. However, it’s important to be cautious when using these tanks to prevent any failure of tanks.

Most of the accidents occur due to mishandling of the tanks or usage of low-quality materials for manufacturing such tanks.

Hence, it’s crucial for industries employing industrial storage tank to use tanks built using the highest-quality materials only as well as handle the tanks properly, as per instructions.

Industries need to be cautious and take proper safety measures. By ensuring safety, industries can reap the benefits of industrial storage tanks.

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