External Floating Roof Tanks: A Great Innovation for Oil & Gas Industry
External Floating Roof Tanks: A Great Innovation for Oil & Gas Industry
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  • January 21, 2020

External Floating Roof Tanks: A Great Innovation for Oil & Gas Industry

Technology is evolving at a fast pace and the tank industry is not lagging behind!

Modern storage vessels come equipped with advanced features that make them ideal for complex applications. External floating roof tanks are one of its kinds.

If you are into the business of petroleum production and refining, then you need a bulk storage option and floating tanks are the best in this direction.

In oil and gas industry, the external floating roof tanks are the latest developments and are known for their cost-effectiveness, efficacy, and safety. This makes them a great alternative to steel fixed roof industrial storage tanks.

What are External Floating Roof Storage Tanks?

External floating roof storage tanks are large above ground storage tanks or vessels that are built for storing huge quantities of crude oil and petroleum products safely without leakage or spill.

They feature an open-topped cylindrical steel shell prepared with a roof that drifts on the surface of the stored liquid.

Different Kinds of External Floating Roof Storage Tanks

There are mainly three kinds of external floating roof tanks available in the market. Let’s take a look at them in details.

Double-deck roofs:

They feature two decks made of steel plates disconnected by chambers that cover the full surface area of the floor. The major advantage of using double-deck floating roof tanks in the oil and gas industry is that the lower deck does not get exposed to harsh sun rays and stays protected from external rough weather conditions.

The pontoon roofs:

They feature closed compartments on the outer edge and center situated beneath the roof and are ideal for storing gasoline, diesel, and petroleum. The biggest advantage of using floating pontoon roof tanks is that they safeguard the environment by not emitting lethal gases to the atmosphere and minimizes the loss of stored liquids due to evaporation.

Domed roofs:

The domed external floating storage tanks are the latest in technological evolution. These are created by retrofitting an external floating roof tank with a fixed roof tank. Such vessels comprise of a heftier kind of deck that is engineered to perfection.

In the domed floating roof tanks category, aluminum dome roof tanks have become popular globally.

The aluminum domed storage containers are widely used because they are efficient and cost-effective and decrease harmful emissions by petroleum products.

Advantages of External Floating Roof Storage Tanks

The external floating roof tanks have two advantages:

Cost-effective: The external floating storage vessels and containers are economical and reasonably priced when compared to steel fixed roof tanks.

Eco-friendly: They protect the environment by reducing the discharge of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by petroleum products stored inside them. These compounds pollute the environment hence it is important to reduce its release.

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