A Brief Study on above Ground Storage Tanks Grounding Requirements
Above Ground Storage Tank Grounding Requirements: A Brief Study
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  • February 7, 2020

Above Ground Storage Tank Grounding Requirements: A Brief Study

When it comes to storing combustible and inflammable liquids safely, aboveground storage tanks are indispensable. They are designed to meet specific industrial storage needs and demands with efficacy.

New-age aboveground storage tanks made of steel and alloy, polyethylene, and fiberglass are robust and come equipped with advanced features.

What are Aboveground Storage Tanks?

Aboveground Tanks are large storage vessels manufactured from metal, fiberglass, and polyethylene. They are installed on top of the ground and have huge holding capacities.

From compressed gases to gasoline, fuel to petroleum products, they are designed to store everything in a safe and environment-friendly way. It has been found that modern units can store upto 60,000 gallons of liquids safely.

Uses of Aboveground Storage Tanks

Industrial aboveground storage tanks are versatile and find application in diverse industries. Here are some of them:
• Portable water storages
• Alternative fuel systems
• Oil water separator
• Fire suppression
• Chemical storage
• Emergency generator fuel oil systems
• Storm water reclamation

Grounding Requirements of Aboveground Storage Tanks

There are certain grounding requirements that you need to adhere to while installing or fixing industrial aboveground storage tanks. These are as follows:

1. Ground wires should be uninsulated so that inspection of mechanical damage becomes easy.

2. For preventing spark triggered by discharge of static electricity, a wire bond should be provided during combustible fluid filling operations. The wire bond should be placed between the storage vessel and the container being filled. However, it is not necessary if there is a metallic path.

However, grounding is not mandatory if the aboveground storage tanks are on concrete and non-conductive supports.

But if they are placed in a hazardous place, grounding must be done. If the humidity level ranges between 60% to 70% then it will avert the building up of static electricity.

3. A resistance upto 1,000,000 ohms is sufficient to avert the occurrence of possible spark. A film of moisture increases conductivity and provides a perfect path to ground increasing chances of sparks.

4. Ground anodes are the best choice for industrial storage tanks. These anodes are concomitant to tank shell and placed compatibly close to the tank.

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