Valuable Tips for Installation of Above Ground Fuel Tanks
Valuable Tips for Installation of Above Ground Fuel Tanks
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  • July 9, 2019

Valuable Tips for Installation of Above Ground Fuel Tanks

When it comes to fulfilling huge storage requirements for industries, on-site industrial storage tanks are indispensable.  Be it inflammable and combustible liquids or hazardous industrial chemicals or oils, tanks are the ideal containers to store them safely.

Apart from the underground storage tanks, above ground storage tanks have seen a spike in popularity because of their ease of installation and hassle-free maintenance.

Unlike the underground steel or fiberglass tanks, they don’t require deep excavation, backfilling, and piping pavement. Here are a few above ground storage tanks installation tips that you will find useful.

Make sure that you have sufficient land to set it up

You need to possess enough land to accommodate the tank. Hence, check how much land you have on site for erecting an above ground tank for storage.

You should consider installing an underground storage tank only when you are the owner of a qualified facility.

Get the approval

Before setting up above ground storage tanks, it is important to have an approved engineered site plan. You can contact the planning and development department of the regional municipality.

It is also important to check all state, federal and local regulations before getting started. In addition, you also need to take permission from the fire prevention branch for safety.

However, before giving you permission they will inspect and review your site.

Remember the basics

The fundamental necessities to set up an above ground tank includes a continuous firm and level base, removal of larger pebbles, keeping it in a vertical position after filling.

While making the base, you can use materials such as sand, cement, and fine gravel. To support the bottom of the tank, you can use a plywood platform nailed to an appropriate support structure.

The plywood should have two layers of ¾ inches. You also need to make sure, the place where you are setting the tank is free of ignition sources such as welding and cutting torches.

Fix it properly

The above ground storage fuel tanks can be fitted with a threaded pipe connection at the bottom and a 16-inch access cap at the top for facilitating the flow of air.

An access cap has breather valves that allow the air to flow inside the tank. Don’t forget to tighten the outlet fittings by compressing the reverse thread on the lock nut situated on it.

Set up a roof structure

For reducing the effects of evaporation and condensation, constructing a roof structure on top of the above ground tank is highly recommended.

The roof will keep water away from the catch basin and minimize over-heating of the tank due to exposure to the sun rays.

Above ground tanks are assets for industrial storage purposes. These units are just perfect to keep chemicals, oils, and fuels safely. Follow the above-mentioned tips for the safe installation of the tanks.

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