What Are The Different Types of Above Ground Gasoline Storage Tanks Available In The Market?
What Are The Different Types of Above Ground Gasoline Storage Tanks Available In The Market?
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  • March 16, 2021

What Are The Different Types of Above Ground Gasoline Storage Tanks Available In The Market?

Nowadays, above ground gasoline storage tanks are often a great option available in the market for long-term stock-up.

Gasoline plays a vital role in modern civilization, which is extensively used to address various needs of daily households. Also, 142.86 billion gallons of gasoline are regularly consumed in the USA. 

In the following write-up, we’ve shared a comprehensive guide about the best above ground gasoline storage tanks to stock-up gasoline for industrial or residential purposes.

An above ground storage vessel is often easy-to-install, cheaper, and effective to store gasoline, similar to underground tanks. 

Now, let’s look for the different types of above ground storage tanks available to get easy installation. Here we will also cover-up everything you need to learn to find the best tank considering your storage needs.

It is even advisable not to store gasoline in just a single container, especially if it’s used for residential purposes.

Hence, gasoline needs to be stored in extensively sealed aluminium, premium carbon steel, sturdy plastic, or field erected tanks labelled “Gasoline”.

For long-term storage, make sure to stock-up gasoline in premium-grade industrial storage tanks

Different Types of Above Ground Gasoline Storage Tanks

An above ground storage container is mainly used for industrial purposes as underground industrial tanks.

Before selecting the right kind of above ground storage tanks, make sure to check out its wide range of availabilities –

  • Above-Ground Fiberglass Tanks

The fiberglass tanks have strong groundwork, which is resistant to rust or corrosion, and relatively lightweight.

These types of tanks are much stronger compared to several metals and aren’t magnetic nor conductive to electricity. However, this tank type isn’t a recommended option to store gasoline below 1000 Gallons. 

  • Vertical Polyethylene Tanks

The vertical polyethylene tank looks like a cylinder and vertically stands above the ground. This type of tank is made of polyethylene material and is especially used to store water.

Also, vertical polyethylene tanks are used to stock-up portable or non-portable water and can assist in rainwater collection.

his kind is also used to store sufficient water for landscaping and irrigation purposes. The vertical polyethylene vessels are comparatively inexpensive and available in many size options. 

  • Bolted Steel Tanks

A bolted steel tank is comprised of multiple steel panels, which are made of different gaskets to avert any sort of leakage.

These tanks are generally made of different kinds of steel (stainless, corrugated, or galvanized) to store any form of liquids. Because bolted steel tanks are made of steel, which is very sturdy and might require machinery to carry or shift materials. 

  • Stainless Steel Tanks

This type of tank is one of the most flexible storage options available in the industry. The SS tanks are used to store water, wine, and any forms of liquid.

The material used in the making of stainless steel containers is resistant to corrosion, so it cannot impact your stored items. These types of tanks don’t even need any constant repairs and are made to resist rust and algae growth as well. 

  • Pillow Tanks

This kind of tank is a great alternative to above ground gasoline storage tanks, which are generally small in size. After the tank is packed, it appears like a pillow and is very common in choice.

Pillow tanks are generally comprised of different materials to store any components of liquid. These tanks are easy-to-installed in any address – whether inside, outside, or any weather conditions, and are extremely easy to move. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what sorts of above ground storage containers or underground tanks you need, we’ve all of the above-mentioned tanks available at www.gsctanks.com 

GSC Tanks is a certified manufacturer and supplier of different types of tanks. Our team of experts can assist you to overcome any installation-oriented problems with premium-graded products.

To get a quote on industrial storage tanks or want to ask any question related to installation, pricing, and maintenance of tanks, send us an email at sales@gsctanks.com today!

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