5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using an Above Ground Fuel Tank in Farms
5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using an Above Ground Fuel Tank in Farms
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  • July 9, 2019

5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using an Above Ground Fuel Tank in Farms

An above-ground fuel tank for farms is a popular choice among industries and manufacturing hubs for its pocket-friendly price, ease of installation, and maintenance benefits.

The primary reason is that these tanks are a safer alternative to underground fuel tanks.

Experts say speak, the risk associated with leakage or corrosion in above-ground tanks is next to zero.

However, there can be leakage risks if the fuel tank is not maintained, or the petrol products are not handled properly. There’s also the risk of corrosion and contamination.

In this blog, we’ve listed 5 tips on how you can prevent damage to people, property, and environment from any potential above-ground fuel tanks risk.

Investigate The Design Thoroughly

Before purchasing any above-ground fuel tank, always make sure to check its design, the material it is made up of, and the construction of the tank.

Also, ask the manufacturer whether it is compatible with conditions of storage such as pressure and temperature.

Ensure Stability of the Support Structure

When installing the fuel tank, make sure the support structure it is firm and stable.

It should be set-up on a solid, level foundation that can withstand the pressure exerted by the tank and liquid it stores.

Also, make sure the tank is properly fixed with its stand so that it doesn’t fall over and hurt people.

If you think that the support is not strong enough, take proper steps at the earliest.

Opt for a Self-Bunded Tank

Usually, industrial storage tanks are single-walled and self-bunded.

For greater protection against leakage and contamination, it is always better to select double-walled self-bunded tanks.

These tanks are made up of double steel walls. The chances of leakage or contamination are therefore very low.

If you wish to store materials that are a threat to the environment, you must use a self-bunded double-walled tank at any cost.

Have a Clear Access Route to The Fuel Tank

While refilling your tank, make sure that the road leading to the site is clear of clutter, hanging branches of trees, and electrical lines.

Needless to say, that a clear road will help the tanker to reach the refueling site safely.

Also, make sure that the ladder providing access to the fuel tank is firmly attached to the support structure and the person climbing it will not fall over.

Install Tanks Away from Ignition Sources

When installing a fuel storage tank, check whether the area is clear of ignition sources such as naked flames, electrical appliances, running engines, and static electricity.

This will help you avoid combustion and fire. Try including ‘No smoking’ or ‘No Naked Flames’ signs and request all persons to abide by the same.

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