Key Points You Must Know Before Chemical Storage Tank Installatation.
5 Key Points That You Must Know Before Chemical Storage Tank Installation
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  • June 18, 2019

5 Key Points That You Must Know Before Chemical Storage Tank Installation

Planning to buy a new chemical storage tank from a chemical storage tank manufacturer? Well, then you must know certain ways to protect your storage solution!

Here are the top 5 guidelines that will help you prepare for poly tank installation.

1. Proper Equipment

A crane fitted with extended forks is an ideal machine to install a chemical storage tank. It helps in hassle-free installation from the delivery truck to the location. Using any equipment that is not constructed to lift or move a tank as large as these can cause serious damage to the tank, as well as, the equipment. So, make sure to avoid this mistake as it can turn out to be expensive in the future.

2. Secured Location

Ideally, you should install the tank where you wish to store the chemicals. However, if the location where you want to install the tank is not ready, you must identify a safe alternative. Make sure the alternate location is out of the way of operations and traffic as it could damage the tank even before the completion of the installation procedure.

3. Plumbing Flexibility

Tanks flex at regular intervals. For instance, while filling a tank, the expansion takes place on the lower sidewall. Added to that natural disasters like earthquakes, could also shake or dislocate the tank. That’s why it is always recommended to engineer the tank fittings in a way such that it can bear the stress and strain on the tank fittings without many issues. Neglecting this can cause serious damage to your 5000-gallon chemical storage tank or 100-gallon chemical tank.

4. Ensure Proper Plumbing Support

While designing your storage system, make sure there is strong plumbing support and the venting instruments are in the proper place. If you are not sanguine whether or not a pipe needs support, or if the plumbing is stable enough, contact an expert immediately! Getting the appropriate structural support in place before installation is crucial if you want to mitigate the risk of plumbing failure.

5. Confirm the Fittings Compatibility

This is one of the most important steps to remember. Always make sure to check whether the tank fittings are proper and suit the type of chemical that will be stored. Since every chemical has a different effect, it is mandatory to check the compatibility factor first. You can contact renowned chemical storage tank manufacturers to know more about this.

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