Importance of Properly Maintaining Aboveground Storage Tanks
Importance of Properly Maintaining Aboveground Storage Tanks
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  • December 29, 2021

Importance of Properly Maintaining Aboveground Storage Tanks

In today’s business, storage tanks are essential. To guarantee maximum safety and efficiency, chemicals, petroleum, natural gas, water, and all forms of fuel, from big-rig diesel to jet fuel, are carried and stored in secure, high-performance storage tanks.

With bespoke designs, configurations, and specific treatments and coatings available to withstand corrosive and hazardous chemicals, these containers and systems may be built to fit a broad range of situations and facility demands.

Above ground storage tanks, or ASTs, are designed for storing items safely above ground level. This type of tank is extremely adjustable and versatile, making it ideal for on-site manufacturing storage and industrial activities.

It’s vital to follow a tight maintenance regimen and inspect the tank, its contents, and its surroundings on a regular basis to guarantee maximum AST functioning.

Risk Assessment: Handling Dangerous Contents with Care

Hazardous, flammable, or poisonous materials are frequently stored in above ground storage tanks. Poor maintenance can result in contamination of the tank’s contents and resource loss, not to mention leakage, which can be dangerous to personnel, facility operations, and the surrounding area.

An AST that has been ignored or is not well maintained might cause:

  • Pollution in the area, such as polluted soil and drinking water
  • Fish, animals, and maritime habitats are all being harmed
  • Contaminated gasoline and the associated harm to equipment
  • Tank explosions, involving injuries and property damage as a result
  • Fires on a large scale

Before starting a task, AST cleaning teams must have the requisite training, TWIC certification, insurance, and work licenses. To guarantee worker safety, these specialists must follow OSHA’s lockout/tagout standards, be able to isolate all essential valves and pipes, and have enough ventilation in place.

Best Practices : Responsible AST Maintenance

It’s critical to follow a normal maintenance strategy and have crucial measures in place for day-to-day servicing in addition to hiring expert cleaning services. Above ground storage tanks have a significant benefit over underground tanks in that they are visible to the human eye, allowing for easy monitoring and safety procedures.

Keep the following crucial aspects in mind when monitoring the health of your AST:

  • Clean, secure setup — To enable effective operations, ASTs must allow for easy and rapid access. Puddling, debris, rains, spills, garbage, empty containers, and any other disruptive elements that may get in the way of operations — or, worse, emergency cleaning — should be kept out of the system.
  • Labeling — More than merely complying with industry regulations, a clear description of pipes, valves, and tank contents is vital to guaranteeing maximum safety. Clear, controlled labeling enables rapid and easy distribution without the risk of product waste, mismatched refills, or employee hazards.
  • Routine inspection requirements — Best practices also include routine in-house inspection methods for monitoring tank operation, in addition to regular professional cleanings and inspections. Electronic monitoring technologies, as well as traditional in-person checklists, may make a big impression when it comes to identifying spills and maintaining appropriate air circulation.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring Simple material management and easy compliance with industry rules may be achieved by regularly inspecting racking contents and monitoring systems. Regular monitoring also helps users to discover any type of contamination instantly, long before it causes severe problems.
  • Emergency action planning — Systems might fail even when users follow strict maintenance procedures. Hazardous substances and tanks may be handled properly in the case of an accident if you have an up-to-date, well-prepared emergency plan in place.

Working With Aboveground Storage Tanks

Above ground storage tanks are versatile and dependable, and they’re employed in a variety of applications for efficient material storage and distribution, allowing for the safest on-site refueling operations and the most secure storage of dangerous compounds.

Regular cleaning and maintenance techniques are necessary for effective operations, extended tank life, and maximum worker safety, whether you’re working with petroleum tanks or water storage. In case you’re looking for the best above ground storage tank solutions, GSC Tanks can provide you with the best products and services.

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