5 Reasons Soil Analysis Is So Important Following Oil Tank Removal
5 Reasons Soil Analysis Is So Important Following Oil Tank Removal
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  • January 19, 2023

5 Reasons Soil Analysis Is So Important Following Oil Tank Removal

It’s mandatory to register any residential or commercial oil tanks and must comply with the current laws of the USA. So, if you’ve got industrial storage tanks to store oil and they’re no more in use, you must have them removed by a qualified professional who can dig it out (if it is underground), skilfully check the soil around it for leaks, and remove any existing oil. Otherwise, there remains an extreme risk of soil contamination. 

The Danger of Contaminated Soil

Maximum commercial and residential property owners aren’t yet aware of the fact that they have been residing or operating on top of the tank that has corroded, cracked, and contaminated the ground below them. This situation is extremely concerning since oil can affect the health of your family and neighbors, the quality of soil, and prevent your property from being resold.

If you doubt that you might have an oil tank on your property, you immediately need to consult professionals who will visit your site to give you a reasonable quotation for removing industrial storage tanks, and identify all necessary services before digging. They also need to perform a complete soil analysis that will be approved by a geoscientist.

So, let’s read more about the need for soil analysis for your property following a tank removal procedure –

  • Environment Protection 

It’s crucial to immediately get soil analysis procedures at your property if an old above-ground or underground oil tank has been discovered from the location. Because it will enable you to safeguard the environment and prevent additional contamination underground. If the removal of your tank is successful and the results of your soil analysis are clear, you can simply enjoy peace of mind. 

  • Crop Improvement 

For those who want to maximize plant culture on their farm or in their garden following the removal of an oil tank, soil testing is extremely crucial. Because infected dirt around your industrial storage tanks can prevent plants from growing, injure people who consume them, or lead them to grow abnormally. Whenever it comes to crop growth, checking your soil is always a smart idea, whether there’s any oil tank or not.

  • Save Your Money And Energy

Regardless of waiting to get an expensive clean-up, it’s vital to act soon to avoid the matter getting more complicated if you require soil testing and an oil tank removal. The expense and risks of the oil tank removal process can increase with how difficult the removal and testing condition is at your space.

  • Taking Care of Your Family And Neighbors 

During the time of rainfall, contaminated soil may flow off and end up in your house, garden, yard, and neighboring homes. And so, problems with contaminated soil can result from –

  • A direct contact
  • Inhalation
  • Ingesting (water and food)

Therefore, you must ensure to get a soil analysis process just after an oil tank removal.  

  • Re-Selling of Your Property

You aren’t allowed to sell your property if the soil is contaminated by an oil tank as per specific government laws, so you must call for secure soil samples to be taken after the tank is removed. Your attending P. Geo. must sign your soil analysis report, and it must also adhere to all CSA, MOE&E, and TSSA code standards. Your test results will be accurately sent by a professional to ensure you can re-sale your property for the best deal. 

If your soil analysis shows that your soil is contaminated, remediation must take place to return the area to its natural state. Also, extra soil clean-up is necessary to meet legal requirements if the site fails to test.

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