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A Complete Guide on Fire Water Storage Tanks (Updated for 2020)
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  • September 11, 2020

A Complete Guide on Fire Water Storage Tanks (Updated for 2020)

Infrastructure and industrial projects are the key market driving factors in the 21st century.

They’re responsible for the overall development of the economy. Needless to say, these sectors contribute toward the production of goods and better means of livelihood.

As every project involves human employment, the safety of the premises is of utmost importance. Firewater storage tanks are, therefore, an integral part of every infrastructure and industrial project due to their efficacy in helping fire fighting teams combat fire hazards.

In this blog, we’ve thrown light on what fire tanks are, types of fire tanks available and their applications.

What are fire water storage tanks?

Fire storage tanks are field-erected tanks that are in high demand due to increased regulations and industry requirements. Unarguably, these tanks are one of the best options for the purpose of water storage.

The best part about these tanks is that they can be used both as dedicated reservoirs and add-on water supply units for commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Most importantly, these tanks can be entirely customized as per the needs of a project.

According to experts, firewater storage provides an economical and long-lasting solution for fire protection water storage. Additionally, firewater above ground storage tanks for fire water comply with all the guidelines laid down by the Federal Government.

The modular bolted design of these tanks makes it possible for swift and easy installation in almost all weather conditions, and requires no welding or field coating.

Types of fire water storage tanks

There are mainly two types of fire water storage tanks. These are –

Compliant fire tanks – These are the most common firewater field erected tanks that come with almost all fire protection systems. The best part about these tanks is that they come integrated with all components and accessories that may be necessary to get your project approved.

Dual use tanks – These are corrugated galvanized steel bolted tanks that serve a variety of purposes in both rural and urban areas. As the name suggests, these tanks serve as a source of potable water as well as during fire hazards.

Application of fire water tanks

Firewater above ground storage tanks serves a range of purposes. Here are just a few of the many –

  • Wildfire protection – Firewater storage tanks play a crucial role in active and passive systems. They help protect firms and factories located near forests in the event of a wildfire.
  • Warehouse fire protection – A warehouse often contains highly inflammable materials. Firewater tanks being an integral part of fire protection system, help secure warehouses from potential fire threats.
  • Urban structure fire protection – Urban structures such as residential and commercial properties are prone to fire hazards. Firewater field erected tanks help protect these structures by providing emergency fire supply to fire fighting teams.

So, here was our complete guide on firewater tanks. Let us know in the comment section why you think these tanks are important and why you’re looking forward to installing one at your property.

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