Chemical Storage Tank: A Complete Buying Guide
Chemical Storage Tank: A Complete Buying Guide
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  • June 18, 2019

Chemical Storage Tank: A Complete Buying Guide

Chemical storage tanks are a must-have if you regularly require certain chemicals in your manufacturing process. However, buying quality acid containers from acid storage tank manufacturers is not an easy task!

You may end up buying a product that will not cater to your needs but will put a lot of burden on your finances. That’s why we decided to guide all the business owners on how they can buy the best acid container for their factory.

Here’s a complete buying guide to chemical storage tanks –

1. Know The Purpose

Well, if you don’t know the purpose of buying an acid storage tank, you will end up buying the wrong product.

Before buying, make sure you have a definite answer to –

What is your budget?
• How much space you have?
• Where will you keep the acid container?
• What should be the design of the tank?

The answer to all these questions will help you buy the exact product that you need for your manufacturing process.

Additionally, you will not get confused with the wide range of products that the acid storage tank manufacturers have on offer.

Try answering these questions yourself or talk to an expert as soon as possible

2. Know The Type of Acid

If you don’t know the type of acid you want to store, you will end up investing in a storage tank with the wrong design and material. This again can cause serious failures of your storage system, equipment damage, injured personnel, and loss of thousands of dollars.

Thus, to maximize the performance and longevity of your storage tank, it is important to know the type of acid you want to store.

Needless to mention that acids are a critical component of the overall manufacturing process. Having a clear idea about the type of acid you require will help you in the storage of concentrated sulphuric acid or any other type of acid that you need for manufacturing your goods.

3. Know The Material

Once you know the type of acid you want to store, you must research on the material of the tank that will help in that.

Let’s analyze the most common types of chemical storage tank materials –

Stainless Steel – They are best suited for high-pressure, high-volume, and high-temperature acids. With this type of tank, sulphuric acid storage and handling will become extremely easy.

• Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Tanks – They are best suited for facilities that have no issues with restricted tank pressure and volume. They are cheap and require regular inspections and maintenance.

• Linear Polyethylene – Linear polyethylene is budget-friendly, and best suited for storing acids with low corrosive properties. However, before buying one, make sure it will cater to each of your needs. Many companies have bought these types of tanks because of their lucrative price, only to regret after spending a lot of money.

• Cross-Linked Polyethylene – These tanks are a great option, even for acids with high corroding power. The material has high tensile strength and durability. It is also resistant to heat and sudden temperature changes.

GSC Tanks – A One-Stop Destination for Every Type of Acid Storage Tanks

When it comes to quality acid containers, GSC Tanks is the ultimate decision! They are one of the most reputable acid storage tank manufacturers in the USA, and have been catering to the needs of customers all over North America for quite some time now!

Our team of highly-dedicated product designers and engineers are our pillar of strength as they always work wholeheartedly to manufacture the best acid storage tanks.

We take pride in the fact that all our products abide by the industry standards and are way better than most of our competitors.

Get in touch with us today and share your requirements. Our experts will guide you throughout the buying process.

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