An In-Depth Guide on Above Ground Water Storage Tanks
An In-Depth Guide on Above Ground Water Storage Tanks (Updated for 2020)
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  • April 16, 2020

An In-Depth Guide on Above Ground Water Storage Tanks (Updated for 2020)

Above-ground water storage tanks serve as a storage unit for water on both, commercial and residential properties.

They are inexpensive and require minimal effort at the time of installation efforts. The best part about these tanks is that you can easily detect any damage or crack on the surface and repair it with ease.

In this blog, we’ve provided a guide on above-ground water storage units to help you understand its functionality and advantages. Now on, you shouldn’t face any issue in making an informed decision while buying one. So, keep reading!

Use of Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks

Above-ground water storage tanks serve a wide array of purposes. Here are five of them –

1. Storing Fresh Water – You can install these tanks at home or factory for storing water, if a potable water source is not readily available or groundwater quality is poor.

2. Rainwater Harvesting – Heavy rainwater runoff causes soil erosion, which again damages the ecosystem and endangers wildlife. Diverting rainwater runoff into above-ground storage tanks not only helps prevent soil erosion, but the water collected can also be used for irrigation or domestic use.

3. Greywater Collection – Greywater is water having minor contaminants but still fit for non-drinking purposes. You can use these tanks to store greywater from roof runoff or HVAC system condensation.

4. Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Reservoir – Fire suppression systems must have instant access to water. Commercial properties like manufacturing facilities and warehouses use these tanks to store water and support their fire extinguishing system.

5. Agri-Business – Farmers need direct access to water in all weather conditions. Above-ground water storage tanks help store water and ease supply for irrigating crops or watering livestock, irrespective of weather conditions.

Advantages of Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks

Above-ground water tanks have a plethora of advantages. Here’s a list of 3 significant benefits of using above-ground storage tanks at your firm or factory.

1. Easy to Install and Expand – These tanks can be easily placed on level ground. Irrespective of the size, installing an above-ground water storage tank doesn’t involve much hassle.

The most exciting part about these tanks is that if you plan on installing a larger unit in the future, in place of the existing one, you can easily place it in the same space. You’ll just have to expand the ground surface.

2. Easy to Maintain – Above-ground tanks provide much easier access for repair and maintenance work when compared to underground storage units. They’re also less vulnerable to damage.

If properly installed and maintained periodically, these tanks serve as an excellent storage unit for water in all weather conditions.

3. Wide Range of Options – There are a large variety of above-ground storage tanks available in the market unlike under-ground storage units that offer limited choices.

All vary in size, shape, and style, ranging from simple round barrels to decorative imitation columns, and even thin boxes looking similar to fence panels.

So, here was our guide on the above-ground storage tanks. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, share how these tanks are fulfilling your purpose, or why are you planning to buy one.

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