A Complete Guide on Above Ground Storage Tank Maintenance
A Complete Guide on Above Ground Storage Tank Maintenance
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  • November 12, 2019

A Complete Guide on Above Ground Storage Tank Maintenance

Above ground storage tanks are large steel cylinders that are primarily used to store crude oil and other liquids in manufacturing units or factories.

Studies conducted on tank conditions have revealed that petroleum tanks require regular maintenance and repair works.

They further add that this keeps the tank safe and ensures that the tank and its contents are safe and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

A Guide to Aboveground Tank Cleaning

Storage tanks also need cleaning if the product is changed or altered to prevent contamination between the old and the new products.

However, this should be carried out only by trained crews having the necessary experience and certifications. Here’s a guideline one must follow when cleaning aboveground storage tanks for maintenance.

As already mentioned, cleaning an aboveground tank is not easy. It involves a great deal of danger.

Entering and cleaning a tank particularly is immensely dangerous. That’s why it’s essential for the crews to have TWIC certifications, proper insurances, and up-to-date training certifications.

Moreover, the crew should have the necessary skills to perform a daily on-site meeting covering all the safety related issues.

The meeting must be documented and there must be representatives from the client, as well as, tank cleaning team After getting the necessary permissions from the client, it’s essential to check the placement of the tank ventilation.

Next, it is necessary to check that all blinds and blanks are in place, and a safe and secure work area and decontamination area has been set up.

A site-specific Health & Safety Plan should also be prepared, followed, and maintained at the worksite to ensure the safety of the workers.

The crew should have at least three people, and must be equipped with all the proper PPE, a vacuum truck(s) for product removal, support trucks, pressure washers, confined space entry gear, rescue gear, and supplied air (SCBA) systems.

The crew must set up the confined space entry equipment around the tank, using the front manway as the entrance and exit to it.

Additionally, a properly calibrated air monitoring meter should be used for measuring the atmosphere in the tank. The tank again must be continuously vented throughout the cleaning process.

Going forward, the crew must use the pressure washer for cleaning the floor and wall. Vacuum trucks are used to remove the water rinse and sludge, and transport all wastes to a distant disposal location for recycling.

Needless to say; it’s essential for every organization using aboveground storage water tanks to maintain it at regular intervals. That way, the safety and security of the people working in that area won’t be compromised.

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