5 Best Field Erected Tank Manufacturing Companies in the US
5 Best Field Erected Tank Manufacturing Companies in the US
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  • October 24, 2018

5 Best Field Erected Tank Manufacturing Companies in the US

If you need a field-erected tank, it is crucial to choose a company with enough expertise and experience in the building field erected tanks. Although there is a multitude of field erected tank suppliers in the US, you need to choose a reliable company.

Here are some well-recognized companies with the reputation of providing high-quality field erected tanks:


  1. GSC Tanks

GSC Tanks is one of the well-recognized sources of industrial storage tanks, silos, and vessels. The company has expertise in manufacturing large diameter reinforced concrete, stainless steel, and steel field erected tanks on site safely.

GSC Tanks supplies storage tanks made of various materials like reinforced concrete, alloy, stainless steel, steel, fiberglass, and high-density polyethylene.

The installed base of the company has a huge number of tanks for beverage and food producers, chemical suppliers or manufacturers, paper and pulp plants, agricultural products manufacturing, power generators and more.

Based in Georgia, USA, GSC Tanks offers excellent technical support and customer service to their customers, making the company the field erected tank supplier of choice for them.


  1. Caldwell

Caldwell is a reputed tank company offering all types of ground storage and elevated field erected tanks.

Caldwell is in the business of tank construction for more than 120 years. The company employs state-of-the-art welding, painting, and fabrication equipment as well as advanced computer technology for stainless steel and carbon tanks.

Annually, Caldwell designs, constructs, and fabricates more than 150 tank projects. Moreover, the company leads in elevated and complex storage tanks. Caldwell consists of fabrication facilities in Newnan, GA (Atlanta) and Louisville, KY. The company does business across Canada and the United States.


  1. Fisher Tank Company

Fisher Tank Company is a recognized company building field erected storage tanks. Located in multiple locations including Chester, PA, Leesville, SC, Cropwell, AL, and Atascadero, CA, this is 100% employee-owned company.

Today, the company leads in welded steel tank fabrication and construction in the US. Fisher Tank Company has been working in various industries for over 70 years and is equipped with unparalleled expertise.

Fisher Tank Company has a broad base of satisfied customers as the company is committed to quality, safety, and productivity in all of their endeavors.


  1. Mueller

Mueller has decades of experience in building superior quality field erected tanks. The company’s expert field operations team offers complex and tailored solutions to meet the clients’ unique needs.

Mueller employs innovative methods for ensuring efficient and safe construction while offering design as well as process support for the client’s project.

Owing to their level of expertise, the company’s professionals go beyond mere fabrication, providing complete construction services. Safety is always a priority for the company.

Headquartered in Missouri, USA, Mueller offers different types of field-erected tanks for industrial construction, including Horizontal Tank Fabrication, Conventional Tank Fabrication, and Top-Down Tank Fabrication.



T BAILEY, INC is one of the pioneering general contractors in structural fabrication and industrial construction.

The company has vast experience in field-erected, aboveground water and fuel tank projects, which has established them as a reputed name for quality control, project management, and safety.

Founded in 1991 and located primarily at Anacortes in Washington, the covered facilities of the company occupy about 120,000 square feet. The company’s commitment to value, integrity, and quality has helped them attain many satisfied customers.

So, if you need field erected tanks in the US, these are some of the companies you can consider choosing. All of them have a reputation for excellent quality of work. Determine your needs clearly and choose the company that can meet them best at a reasonable price.

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