4 Ways That Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks Improve Productivity
4 Ways That Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks Improve Productivity
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  • August 13, 2021

4 Ways That Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks Improve Productivity

Bulk industrial chemical storage tanks are way more than just a container for great capacities of iso and polyol. It’s a comprehensive material storage system that will help your company’s manufacturing facilities become more efficient, streamlined, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Instead of receiving smaller shipments of material, industrial chemical storage tanks allow companies to buy in bulk and get much bigger shipments to satisfy their production goals. When used in conjunction with other polyurethane equipment, it also permits material to be looped into the production environment for continuous flow.

While these are significant advantages for any company producing polyurethane, the benefits of bulk industrial chemical storage tanks go even further. Let’s look at some of the other advantages that a bulk chemical storage tank (or a chemical storage farm) might offer your company.

1. They’re environmentally responsible

Companies that operate with polyurethane must priorities equipment and functions that make environmental protection a top priority. They must also provide a safe working environment for their employees. Bulk chemical storage tanks, which can hold up to 12,000 gallons of material, are an excellent option to do precisely that. This eliminates the need for businesses to order and manage 55-gallon drums or totes, which can easily be spilled, run over, or left exposed.

Bulk chemical storage options for organizations dealing with Cyclo-Pentane include tanks up to 12,000 gallons that can be particularly designed to hold this more environmentally friendly material.

2. They’re safer for workers

Bulk chemical storage tanks not only protect workers from potentially harmful barrels but also eliminate the need for workers to handle material on a regular basis. Workers may focus their efforts elsewhere — and out of harm’s way — thanks to the large storage capacity and ability to pump chemicals to mixing equipment.

Bulk chemical storage tanks are also tailored to the needs of the location where they are housed. Smaller storage tanks can be built up to give the same quantity of storage as a 20,000-gallon tank if you don’t have adequate height in your production space. To offer additional protection, strength, and stability for storage tanks, manways, and other structural support elements can be installed.

3. They lower costs across the board

Bulk industrial chemical storage tanks enable businesses to order a large quantity of material at a lower price. Tanks can be placed in your business to receive a variety of cargoes, ranging from 2,000 gallon tanks for truck deliveries to 20,000 gallon tanks for rail car deliveries. However, this isn’t the only method they can save money. Bulk storage tanks can cut down on labor costs associated with moving materials around a factory.

4. They’re customizable to production demands

A bulk chemical storage tank is simply one component of a manufacturing plant. Organizations can construct an equipment manufacturing chain in addition to storage to better manage the flow of material from tank to final application. Bulk blending systems allow material to be mixed with extreme precision, ensuring that the correct material combination is created, stored, and carried on to the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Storage tanks, like blending systems, can be tailored to fulfill individual production needs. Pumps for specific loading, tank agitation, quality control features, temperature control features, heating, insulation, level sensors, and structural elements such as catwalks can all be incorporated to increase the efficiency of industrial processes.

Customize your bulk industrial chemical storage tank solution

No two businesses have the same polyurethane production requirements. GSC Tanks understands this and strives to incorporate it into all we do. Every tank, metering system, mix head, and component is designed or chosen specifically for your purpose. To discover more about our storage tanks and other polyurethane options, contact us now.

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